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Allman Brothers

‘Macon Memories’

After painting the individual members of the famous Allman Brothers Band, it only made sense to return to the stage with this classic portrayal of the original band in their last performance in Macon, GA on April 9th, 1971 at the Macon Coliseum.

Thank you to photographer W. Robert Johnson for approaching me in Macon and extending his invitation to use his photos for inspiration and reference.

The Allman Brothers Band was an American rock band formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1969 by brothers Duane Allman (slide guitar and lead guitar) and Gregg Allman (vocals, keyboards, songwriting), as well as Dickey Betts (lead guitar, vocals, songwriting), Berry Oakley (bass guitar), Butch Trucks (drums), and Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson (drums). In this painting, honorary Brother Thom “Ace” Doucette is shown sitting in with the Brothers adding some tasteful harp as he often did in the early years.

While the band has been called the principal architects of southern rock, they also incorporate elements of blues, jazz, and country music, and their live shows have jam band-style improvisation and instrumentals. The Allman Brothers 1971 live release, At Fillmore East, represented an artistic and commercial breakthrough. The album features extended renderings of their songs “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” and “Whipping Post”, and is often considered among the best live albums ever made.

After years of searching for additional images of the original band, fans now have this live performance portrayal to hold on to the memories made that night in Macon, GA.






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