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B.B. King

‘Lucille’ … the King of the Blues

B.B. King is one of my favorite bluesmen, and I knew I’d be painting him the minute I saw Rene Huemer’s photo of him from a recent concert. Critical acclaim and widespread popularity have cemented B.B.’s reputation as possibly the most respected, successful, and most recognized bluesman, not just in the United States, but in the world. Rolling Stone magazine ranked him at #3 on its list of the “100 greatest guitarists of all time. Over a period of 52 years, B.B. King has played in excess of 15,000 performances.

This print is from a limited edition of 700 being offered. Produced from my large original oil painting The reproduction offered here has a large image area of 19” x 26”, on a heavy 100lb. dull cover stock (image area of 66 cm x 48.3 cm). There is no middleman involved. I painted the original, and with a little investment, am now honored to be able to offer this print to you to share the good vibes that B.B. brings our way.

I had a lot of fun painting B.B., and I hope you have a spot on your wall to honor this legend.

RIP BB, 5/14/2015

BB King DoneTHMB
(View Painting Process)


This reproduction has an image area of 26” x 19” (66 cm x 48.3 cm)

Limited Edition of 700 prints.


$429.00 plus $8.95 shipping (Note, the copyright image will not appear on your print).

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    May 23, 2015 12:48 pmPosted 5 years ago
    Perry Bohachyk


    You sent me Joe Bonamassa about a year ago. Awesome print, have displayed so everyone can see when they come downstairs to Mancave.
    How much would the BB King print be, has to sent to Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.

    Perry Bohachyk

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      May 23, 2015 12:58 pmPosted 5 years ago
      Tom Noll (Author)

      Hi Perry, As a repeat customer, I’ll hook you up. Watch for a private message from me.

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    July 30, 2015 4:00 pmPosted 4 years ago
    gilles baudu

    cette impression est sur toile ou sur papier
    si je l’achete quel est le prix ? et le delai de reception,

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      July 30, 2015 6:21 pmPosted 4 years ago
      Tom Noll (Author)

      You asked …this impression is on canvas or paper
      if I buy what price? and the reception period,
      thank you.
      The answer is it’s on paper and would take about 10 days to ship to France
      il est sur le papier et prendrait environ 10 jours pour l’expédier à la France


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