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Les Paul

‘The Founder’

Les Paul… The Wizard of Waukesha. Les is the inventor of the hardbodied electric guitar’, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, five-time Grammy Award winner, pioneer of the electric guitar and inventor of numerous recording techniques, such as reverb and multi-track recording. He was born June 9, 1915 in my hometown – Waukesha Wisconsin. The Gibson Les Paul line of guitars is universally hailed as the best and is played by all the legendary guitarists. I remember the day when I learned about who he was and what he’s meant to the world of music.

In April 2008, Paul reached an agreement with Discovery World in Milwaukee for an exhibit showcasing his legacy. The exhibit  features items from his personal collection. On June 21, 2008, Paul played a concert in Milwaukee to coincide with the opening of the exhibit, also celebrating his 93rd birthday. I was there!!

This rock print is from a NEW limited edition of 250 being offered. Each print is numbered and artist signed. This print DOES NOT have Les Paul’s signature on it. Produced from a large original oil painting (26″ x 40 “) by me, international artist Tom Noll. The reproduction offered here has a large image area of 17” x 26”, 43.2 cm x 66 cm, on 20” x 28” stock. There is no middleman involved. I painted the original, and am now able to offer this print to you, to share this classic image of Les Paul.

(View Painting Process)

This reproduction has an image area of 17” x 26” (43.2 cm x 66 cm).

Limited Edition of 250 prints



$499.00 plus $8.95 shipping (Note, the copyright image will not appear on your print).

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