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Neil Peart


Neil Peart, a musician and author, is best-known as the drummer and lyricist for the rock band Rush. He’s the “drummer’s drummer”. I just had to add him to my collection for you drummers. If you’ve seen Neil play, you know what we’re talking about here.

Photo reference and technical consulting for the painting was provided by Michael DF Lowe of “Neil Peart Drumsticks” to whom I owe a big thanks.
Neil Peart provides unending energy that sparked this colorful and moving painting of him playing. I’ve pictured him here with his “Neil’s Personal Model” sticks and the Drum Workshop set of red-painted DW maple shells with black hardware and gold “Snakes & Arrows” logos as featured on the Snakes & Arrows Tour.

During the painting process, I stopped working on it when I heard about his book “Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road”. I knew I couldn’t go any further without the emotion of getting in his head. I highly recommend the book!

(View Painting Process)

This reproduction has an image area of 27” x 18” (68.6 cm x45.7 cm).

Limited Edition of 500 prints.


$379.00 plus $8.95 shipping (Note, the copyright image will not appear on your print).



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