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Art Prints for Purchase

View ALL the high quality art prints created from the original oil paintings.
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Museum Art and Guitar Exhibition

Over 40 Original Oil Paintings Displayed
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David Bowie

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Grateful Dead Paintings

Original Grateful Dead Paintings. Prints available here.
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The Recent Duane Allman Oil Painting

"Skydog"...See the painting process here & view the print ordering info.
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Gallery Art Exhibition

View highlights of the Omaha gallery exhibition of original oil paintings.
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The completed SRV Painting photographed at Alpine Valley Music Theatre

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New Mural for Waukesha wi, USA

Join me here to see our little weekend project...
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Hard Rock Cafe London

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The Painting Gallery

See the many musician portraits that I've had the honor to create.
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Art Around the World

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The painted Les Paul guitar for the 2013 Waukesha Guitartown II project

Watch this guitar being painted AND view my 10 ft. guitar...
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Animated-FlameArt That RocksAnimated-Flame

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Featured here are the works of
international artist Tom Noll.

“Here you’ll find a wide variety of Art that Rocks ®
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& other fun stuff that maintain my sanity.”

“Thanks for visiting”…Tom


C  r  e  a  t  i  v  e    B  o  n  e    N  e  w  ssee the entries below

August 21, 20136 years ago

The Warren Zevon Painting is finished

For heartfelt personal reasons, and by popular request, I’ve created a Warren Zevon painting in honor of this 10 yr. anniversary of his passing.

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August 14, 20137 years ago

The new SRV painting for the print series is done

This NEW SRV painting is completed with prints ready to ship Wednesday Sept. 17th.

The print reproductions will be 27″ x 19″ (48.3 cm x 68.6 cm), and will be introduced at $259, plus shipping of $8.95 US and $16.50 International.

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July 27, 20137 years ago

SOLD... the Original Stevie Ray Vaughan Oil Painting

The New Stevie Ray Vaughan painting was posted on a 10 day eBay listing while it was being created.

This piece has been titled “Stevie – Above & Beyond”, and during the live bidding, it was viewed by many passionate SRV fans.

The Painting sold on Saturday and is now in the possession of a Wisconsin art collector who was at Stevie’s last show at Alpine Valley!! Very fitting!!!

Click here to view the SRV Painting page


July 5, 20137 years ago

Welcome to my NEW website!!

Glad to have you here checking out the new website. A lot of work has gone into restructuring the information to make it more organized…quicker to load…and more fun to navigate! I’d love any feedback that you have on the new look & feel.

And…I’m only human, so if you find something working funky, or misspelled, let me know and I’ll address it.

Some of the photos in the “Other Fun Stuff” section are still being fine tuned…but for the most part, we’re good to go!!

Thanks & Enjoy!!

July 2, 20137 years ago

Larger Jim Morrison print available

Recently I had the request for a larger Blue Jim print, so I made the commitment, and went to press with a full sized sheet. The complete information is listed here. High quality paper prints are on hand and shipping now.

Thanks & Enjoy!