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Gregg Allman


Here is the color pencil sketch to guide the original 50″ x 34″ oil painting.

This is a commissioned painting for a giant fan! 

And it starts.

Adding the finishing touches!

Completed, drying, and waiting for delivery to the client.

I’m so happy with the painting, that I’ve decided to offer prints here.

The color is a little off, but here’s an example of the size of the print. 

This painting will have print reproductions created as
150 Limited Edition Paper Giclee Prints
at the size of 18.25″ x 27″ (46.355 cm x 68.58cm)


Order NOW for your low numbered collectable prints.
Print numbers will be assigned in the order they’re purchased.
Special numbered prints MAY be available upon request.
Print price is $429 plus shipping, $8.95 in the US, $16.95 International.
 Visit here for additional print info 
Click the Buy Now button to order!