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Kurt Cobain

KC 1 Sketch

This is the begining sketch for my NEW Kurt Cobain 40″ x 28″ Oil Painting…

“Untitled” at this point.

KC 2

The begining…I’m already quite excited about where this will go.

KC 3

Kurt makes his appearance!!

KC 4
KC 6


KC 7


KC 8 (1)

Adding glass…

KC 9

Down to some finishing details…

KC 10 (1)

KC 12

Finished! Prints are now available!!

27” x 19” (68.6 cm x 48.3 cm) limited edition prints of 250 are being shipped

Paper Prints Priced at $359


View “Artprint for Purchase” Page for more info on the Curt artprint.

Click the Buy Now button.

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