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 Miles Davis

“The Chief”

md 01

An inspirational starting point!

md 02

md 03

md 04

Miles…the master of cool!

md 05.


md 06

Prints have now been made and are shipping. (sorry this color is off in the photo)


I added in-progress photos here so you could follow the creation of Miles. Hope you enjoyed!!

Special thanks to photographer William Coupon for the use of his Miles photos for inspiration and reference.  
William is known for his formal painterly backdrop portraits of tribal people, politicians and celebrities.

250 Limited Edition Paper Prints are being produced at the size of 19″ x 27″ (48.3 cm x 68.6cm)
For additional  information on these paper prints, visit this link
Order early for your low numbered collectable print.
Print Price  is $385 plus shipping.

Click the Buy Now button.

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