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WZ 1 Sketch

Here is the color pencil sketch for a new Warren Zevon painting in honor of his 10 yr. anniversary. Can it really be 10 yrs. already?

I’ve put pencil to paper to create this sketch now, but prints will not be available until October.

WZ 2

And the painting starts!!!!

WZ 3

WZ 4 

WZ 5

Feeln’ a little late night “Gonzo Spirit”

WZ 6

WZ 7

Getting close….

WZ 8

“Gonzo Spirit”…almost DONE & drying

WZ 10

Now Completed!!

WZ 11

27″ x 19″ high quality prints have been created and are now shipping.


Warren holds a special place for me. In a legal folder titled My Finale, I have a request to have Warren’s song “Keep me in Your Heart” played on my final day. I choke up every time I hear it!

It is with that emotion, mixed with a ton of energy, that I’m pouring into this painting!!!!

The song is here… Keep Me In Your Heart

The original oil painting is 40″ x 28″

The print reproductions from this painting are 27″ x 19″ (48.3 cm x 68.6 cm), and are priced at $349, plus shipping of $8.95 US and $16.50 International.


Contact me here to get your low numbered print.


Visit  “Artprint for Purchase”  to see the available print.

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